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Welcome to the Higher Stakes course to find freedom from gambling and betting of all kinds. The purpose of this course is to help you to be entirely free from gambling and betting, and to find the true joy and delight that comes from turning to Jesus Christ.

This course will teach you the truths, and help you apply them, which will inevitably free you from the powerful grip of gambling. The course is not designed as a "professional, therapeutic session" but rather was written by those who were, themselves, captive to gambling and who are now free indeed. You will read powerfully impacting and practical lessons, as well as gripping testimonies of the ruin and destruction of gambling and then full restoration in Christ.

There are higher stakes to consider than those used in gambling and betting. If you struggle with gambling and betting, either online or in casinos, please enroll in this course and come and find your freedom. The course is free of charge.

      Why This Course?        God's View of Gambling

The following are the testimony from students who took the Higher Stakes Course:
Les's Testimony

My mentor is Jason, and also Wendy Lillie, my daughter. I was saved in 1968 in a small Baptist Church in Appleton, Wisconsin. My brother, his wife, and my wife at the time were also saved and were we all baptized at the same time. I was a police officer, and believed it was God's plan for me. It was a pretty incredible time. Even after moving to Colorado in 1976, there was no doubt in my mind that God wanted to use me in law enforcement. I remained in law enforcement for a total of thirty-seven years. In 1992, I started ingnoring God's whispers and proceeded to get a divorce. Satan had convinced me that I was just sitting around witing to die, and it was time for me to change my life and "have some fun," with new challenges and goals. I had been married for nearly twenty-nine years; my wife was a good wife and a good mother. There was ne reason for me to do what I did, other than selfishness. Not only did I hurt and disappoint a lot of people, I nearly lost my daughter. However, God was very gracious to me as He allowed me to find another good woman, a good mother with a three-year-old son. I started gambling almost immediately after leaving my first wife. It was fun, it was different and I could lose myself and forget all other problems. My thing was slot machines. We would go to the casino and spend twelve hours sitting at the same machine. It became a challenge to me, and I kept saying that "It has to pay out soon; I've put enough into it.” On a regular basis, I would lose anywhere from five hundred to a thousand dollars. If I didn't have the cash, I would use a credit card. It wasn't too long before my credit cards were maxed out, and I would draw more out of my checking account, then come back down and pawn something to cover my losses. Within a couple of years, I had gone far enough in debt that the only recourse I had was to file bankruptcy. Each time I came back down from gambling, I would get depressed and swear I wasn't going back again. That would last till our next payday, then back again I would go. It became a vicious cycle. Payday, get all excited, go up to the casinos, lose, come back depressed, pawn something, and be broke for the next twenty-nine days. I lost respect for myself as a man. I had done two of the most terrible things a man could do in his life - I got a divorce and filed bankruptcy. My depression continued to grow. During this time, God always seemed to either give me a way out or show me a way out, but I wasn't listening. In 2004, I felt God was saying to me, "You have done what I wanted you to do for thirty-seven years; it is time for a rest,” and I retired from law enforcement. I had some money in a 401K that bailed me out financially again and I was debt-free, except for a vehicle. I knew I still had to work, as my son was a freshman in high school and there wasn't enough money to actually retire. God led me to a security officer job three blocks from home. It was great. Because of the free time I had then, I was also becoming re-acquianted with God. I was reading, I was fellowshipping with other Christians. However, I was still gambling also. I felt my walk with God then was closer than it had ever been and realized then that the reason God led me to leaving law enforcement was to get myself back where I needed to be with Him. In two years, since retiring from law enforcement, I was able to put myself back in debt to the tune of about twenty thousand dollars. I felt I had failed again. God had shown away for me to get debt free and not be under any financial burdens. After coming down from the casino one night, I realized I couldn't go on like this and ask God to help me again. The Hoily Spirit spoke to me and told me I needed to first admit to God and my loved ones the fact that I had a gambling problem. God had led me to start an e-mail prayer group with some friends and my family a year earlier and kept suggesting to those in the group to "open up" and share their problems within the group. The Holy Spirit said, “Why don't you use that venue to admit my problem to friends and love ones, and ask for prayer?” I did that almost immediately. I must say that response from my family and friends was pretty quiet. I know that is they really didn't know what to say. It was my battle. Then my daughter, Wendy, sent me an e-mail and suggested I check out the "Setting Captives Free" website as she had taken a course there dealing with a weight problem. Again, it was almost immediately that I logged in and started taking the course "Higher Stakes." I haven't been gambling since. I don't play bingo anymore (which I did a lot prior to taking this course). I don't buy lotto tickets, and I havent been to a casino since July of 2005. I feel that through the grace of God and the prayers that I have broken the cycle I was in, and God has gained yet another victory over Satan. One reason I know I have broken the cycle is one day before the Super Bowl, I was joking with an employee over who was going to win a game between the Broncos and Pittsburg Steelers. Out of the blue I asked if he wanted to bet $5.00 on who was going to win. I can't tell you the guilt I felt after I left work when I realized I had just bet again. It was the Holy Spirit telling me NO gambling. It wasn't that the five dollars was a big deal; it was giving that opening to Satan. By God's grace, it won't happen again. Since starting the course and quitting gambling, God has given me peace about my financial situation. He also gave me a job, doubling my salary so I can get out of the problem I put myslef in. I'm reading God's word on a regular basis, and I know that I am once again doing His will, not mine. Thank you for the support and encouraging words throughout this course. It has been one more blessing in my life. Praise God. Les

Darlene's Testimony

I have been blessed to have a wonderful mentor named Karen Wilkinson, who stood by me, with me and even stood up to me along the way. I began to gamble a little while in the military, just for fun and only once in awhile. This began a habit of sin that would last for over thirty years. Growing up under the guardianship of social services, I spent most of my childhood in a state-supported boarding school. I became very independent and extremely strong-willed, never able to let go of my unfortunate past. Having had a wonderful thirty-year marriage and two wonderful sons, I never thought I would be needy. But, after the loss of my youngest son and, one year later the death of his father and my beloved husband, I got lost in the grief and pain. Early in my life, many were sent by God to try to help save my soul. But I refused until I was led to salvation about two years before these deaths. I was attending church regularly, but also gambling on a regular basis. I did not feel I was hurting anyone, so therefore I thought it was all right. I was trying to fill this void in my life with gambling, yet I had this incredibly empty feeling deep inside my heart, and I knew that I needed spiritual fulfillment. I became extremely needy. I was looking for needs to be met in the wrong place. During the Christmas Season of 2005, while looking for Christmas cards on the Internet, God put me on the Setting Captives Free site, and I knew deep down inside that I needed to be here. My sin of gambling was increasing, and I was beginning to feel defeated. I would gamble and then ask God to forgive me and promise to never do it again - over and over, I went through the same sick act. Once I began the Higher Stakes course at Setting Captives Free, I knew God had a plan for me, I just needed to give up my strong will and accept what Jesus Christ had to offer. He gave me "peace" for the past, "grace" for the present, and "hope" for the future. God began a process within me through Setting Captives Free; a process of repentance, forgiveness, and purifying my soul that has not stopped to this day! I pray that it never will, and that I will always experience the peace and passion of God's love in my heart now and forever. I have placed my situation in his hands. Through prayer, I am asking for wisdom and, by faith, I am asking God to continue his process in me. It is because of Gods grace, mercy and long-suffering that I am where I am today. FREE FROM THE SIN OF GAMBLING. I am thankful for the ministry of Setting Captives Free, and devoted mentors such as Karen Wilkinson, who give freely of their time and resources to help other individuals have freedom from sin and assist others in their walk with God. I have been so blessed through this course. Not only do I have freedom from gambling, but I now have a relationship with my Heavenly Father. I was able not only to deal with the addiction of gambling, but many strongholds that have had me in bondage for years. I am very thankful for God's grace. Darlene

Susanne's Testimony

My mentor's name is Karen Wilkinson. The sin of gambling began when I was on a six-month sick leave from my workplace. A longtime friend took me to the casino for a little fun, and that's how my gambling started. I did slot machine gambling only. I've been a Christian since Dec., 1980. The gambling was fun at first, and then I couldn't seem to leave it alone. I became in bondage to casino gambling. I lied to my spouse and pretended to go to church when I went to the casino. I used money I did not have couldn't afford. I was secretive and maxed out two credit cards. I became indifferent to the things of God, and did not care what other Christians or anybody else thought of me. I did not care that I was a bad example to my former clients or colleagues. I rationalized my behavior and figured that since God loves me it would be okay. I began to be extremely tired and depressed all the time. One day I was to be at a revival meeting in early Aug., 2005, and had some money I was to put in the offering. I had two hours before it began and I decided to go to the casino to pass the time away. I spent all that money there. I smelled very bad from the cigarette smoke, and was so ashamed that I had done it again. I drove home thinking I did not desrve to go to church. Then God spoke to me by saying "Be holy for I am holy" I was convicted of my sins of gambling. The next day I called the Miracle Channel in Lethbridge, AB, for prayer. They gave me this website, Setting Captives Free. I was ready to turn from the gambling and began the course. Through the course, I learned to cut off everything having to do with gambling. I repented of my sin, asked God for forgiveness and did everything that was required of me in the course. I learned to be accountable to my spouse and another Christian from my church, our cell group leader. I detested accountability before I began the course, but I learned that it was very good for me to do. After all, I had been very irresponsible. God delivered me from gambling by using this program along with a lot of Scripture from the Holy Bible, and prayer. People prayed for me, for which I am very grateful. I am so thankful that I had a mentor who prayed for me. I learned to drink from the Living Water instead of the filthy waters of gambling. Now I have been set free from gambling since Aug.16, 2005, when I began this course. I am happy and know that I don't have to be in bondage to habitual sin anymore - that Jesus Christ does set people free. I am consistent in reading the Word of God and praying with my spouse and with others. I worship God through song and dance. I pray for others, my grown children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, extended family, relatives, friends, and so on. I attend church regularly and fellowship with believers. I watch the sunrise almost every morning and praise God for another day. I am very grateful that God delivered me from sin and death. In the future, I can help others stop gambling and lead them to the One who can set them free. Susanne

Mary's Testimony

I was employed by Satan and held captive to gambling and greed for almost 10 years. I was a regular church member, yet I was captive to the bondage of gambling and greed. In the beginning I would gamble for fun, but after several years it began to be a habit. I realized I had played the games of chance too long when I was distraught after losing money that I could not afford. Sometimes I won, but not as much as I lost. Every weekend I was doing a repetition of losing and going back to the casinos to try to win my money back. I was always depressed after losing, and would ask myself why I went back over and over again. One day a friend suggested I look over the Setting Captives Free website for another program - at the time Higher Stakes was not available. I checked back with the website approximately six months later, and behold, when I saw the Higher Stakes program, my heart "leaped" for joy because about this time I was in a position where I was desperate to be freed from this habitual sin of gambling. I was at the point of financial ruin because of my gambling habits. I did the Higher Stakes course with anticipation because I knew the content of the program had the potential of setting me free from this sin. As of now, my relationship with the Lord has increased. I am stress-free because now I feel as if I have control over my days. I have been free from gambling and betting for almost 2 months or 59 days, and I will continue to drink from the proper fountain of life, my Lord and Savior, with a renewed mind. I give thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ, the Setting Captives Free website and to Karen W. (my mentor) who has helped me with my whining and many questions. May God Bless you all and may God continue to smile upon you and grant you His grace for helping me get free from this bondage that has held me captive for years. God Bless. I look forward to other Setting Captives Free programs that will assist me. Thank you. Mary