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You have arrived at the Setting Captives Free The Way of Purity course, the 60-Day interactive course that will teach you to enjoy a newfound relationship with the Lord and how to find freedom from sexual impurity. It is possible, and you can learn how.

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The Way of Purity
A United Front
Setting Captives Free also offers a Bible study course and other resources for the wives of those in bondage to impurity of any type. The course is may be found here - A United Front. To hear a testimony from one of our graduates, please click here. To read the transcript, click here.
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The Way of Purity FAQ sheet
These are Frequently Asked Questions about the Setting Captives Free The Way of Purity course, designed to help you in understanding the purpose of the course, what will be expected of you in the course, and other questions of interest.
What is the purpose of our courses?
What is the daily time commitment to complete the lessons?
Are people actually set free from sin through these courses?
Who will see my answers?
What if I am severely addicted to this particular sin? Is there hope for me?
Is this course based on biblical teachings, psychological teachings, or both?
What is the cost of our courses?
Why are the courses 60 days long?
My spouse wants to help. What can he/she do?
How many people have taken this course?
I am sure not everybody who takes the course is set free from pornography. Can you tell who will be set free, and who will remain in pornography?
The Way of Purity Testimony

After struggling with pornography and self-gratification for almost 18 years, it is finally over. I was tired of pretending to be someone I was not. In the past, I have been what you might call a "fake" Christian. For several years, I led a double life; something I hated. Finally, I had had enough of the secret life I led, and knew I had to come clean if I were to truly be free. Only a few close friends ever knew what I struggled with in my past, but no one ever knew that I was still fighting for my life.

Even though I wanted it to end, I couldnít, or maybe itís that I wouldnít, stop. I kept coming back to it no matter how hard I tried to distance myself from it. Many attempts failed, because I didnít take my thoughts captive, but allowed them to run through my mind until they became action. Another reason I failed to get it under control, was that I was trying to do everything in my own strength. I was calling upon God to help me, and He would. But then shortly after, it was as if I said, "OK, God, thanks. IĎll take it from here." What I didnít know and wasnít learning from my past stumbling and falling, was that I was making provision for my sin each and every time.

Months at a time I would be clean and living the "Christian" life, praying, preaching, teaching, being an example, being a light, but all at once I would give myself over to the urges that I had, which seemed to be stronger than my faith in Jesus. All during that time I never realized that I was no longer serving the Master who had bought me with a price and redeemed my life from death. I was sinking deep in my sin. Pornography and self-gratification had gradually slipped chains around my body and tightened with every attempt I made to leave. They were slowing squeezing the life out of me. I was a drowning man close to death and my cries were seemingly going unheard - until the day I was lead to "" and enrolled in the "The Way of Purity" course!

God has used this course in a mighty way to turn my life around. He has helped me see the truth in His word, but it hasnít stopped there. I have also learned how to actually apply His truths to my life. Jesus Christ has given me a new freedom, one that I have never truly lived in before. I stand in awe of the transformation He has done in my life during this course. It is really not possible to put into words what life-giving changes He has made in me. For the first time in my life, I understand what it is to know the true joy of Godís salvation. By His grace my eyes, my heart, and my spirit have been opened to a whole new world of life. I am no longer the person I used to be, but now I am a new creature in Christ. And, being new, I must continue learning to walk in this newfound life and grow in the Spirit.

It seems like just a few days ago I was beginning the course with little hope of eternal freedom. Today, by the grace of God, I can stand and proclaim that He has set me free. Even though the end of this course is near, the practical, biblical teaching and instruction I received will continue to grow and produce fruit in my life. I pray that as my life has been transformed God will use me to lead others to freedom in Christ Jesus.


"I have seen God take me from a desert of worldly "pleasure" to an oasis of peace and grace. Several years ago, I found a lingerie catalog left at work by a colleague. Curious and, quite frankly inflamed by lust, I visited that companyís web site. I was hooked by what I saw there and at other, increasingly graphic sites. I knew, each time I sat down at my home computer, that Godís plan for me certainly did not include these lustful, selfish sessions. Nor did it do anything to enhance the love and trust of my wife; far from it. When she found evidence of my surfing, she was deeply hurt. I was humiliated because my sin was exposed, but that was nothing compared to the guilt I felt because of what it did to my relationship with my wife and with Christ. We sought counseling together, and Setting Captives Free was recommended. What I saw in the teachings of The Way of Purity course was a way back to the foot of the cross. I was with the woman at the well; she had her multiple men, and I had my multiple web sites. Jesus offered a way to leave behind the filth of pornography. Praise God because he forgave me, as did my wife. Iíve been porn-free for 115 days and counting. This is an oasis I never want to leave."


The name of my mentor is Amy. I am here today to tell you that the Lord Jesus has set me free from the sin of "gratifying the lusts of the flesh" through the Setting Captives Free Course ( I am one of those people who was a goodie-goodie at school. I never got into the wrong things my friends were doing because I was too scared. I also believe that God was protecting me. However, when I turned 17 and went to university, my curiosity got the better of me. So I found a boy who liked me, and we experimented, sexually. The result was my sexuality was awakened to me before the right time. I became frivolous with it, and allowed men to use me. In the meantime, I had become a Christian and knew what I was doing was against God. So I repented every time, but felt utterly in despair as I had hurt God and myself so badly. I believe this also opened a door to the sin the Bible calls gratifying the lusts of the flesh (Gal 5:16). This went continued for years, on and off. It would get particularly bad in times when I felt low, or in need of comfort. Most times, I felt like dirt afterward. In addition, I struggled with codependency issues with females, needing their attention and love to make me feel good. A few months ago, when it was particularly bad, my friend told me about this website. The moment I signed up, I knew this was the right tool for me. Not only does it address the issue point blank, it also gave me a daily devotional which strengthened my relationship with Christ over the 60 days. God used this course to show me the need for godly repentance and turning away from sin. In doing this course, I understood the depravity of my sin and the greatness of our God. How could I go on abusing my body and yet tell God I love Him? About the same time, I formed a new friendship, but it was quickly heading down the road of becoming an unhealthy one. I was spending way too much time with her and sharing things with her too personal for a healthy friendship with a person I barely knew. So, I listened to the Lord when He told me to break it off. This was not easy, and I fought for several weeks with the Lord about it. Finally, I knew I had to do it. This was part of my radical amputation to the things that were causing my sin to thrive. Now, 59 days later in the course, I can honestly tell you I have no more desire to abuse my own body, I have no unhealthy friendships and I am enjoying the freedom that Christ has for me. Living with Jesus and being right with God, without the ugliness of habitual sin, is the best thing anyone can do. I highly recommend it!!


"Richard Degarmo is my mentor. I came to Setting Captives Free because I knew I was walking the road to destruction. I have been in the ministry for years, and have encouraged dozens of students to go through The Way of Purity course, but I had never done it myself. Over the past year, I began to experience a greatly increased amount of stress and depression in my career. I dealt with this stress by retreating into myself and playing Internet games for hours. I soon found out that many people sex-chat during those games, and I started taking part in that, as well. I quickly became addicted to this fantasy world where I could conquer women. The fear that being caught meant losing my job and shaming my family, only added the fuel of adrenaline to the fire. I tried to stop many times, but could not quit. I could see my job and family beginning to unravel. I walked around angry all the time, and withdrew from my wife. Somehow, I was blaming her for my sin. I started The Way of Purity course out of the conviction that if I did not stop my sin, I would be another disgraced minister without a job or family. But, I still had my pride (I didnt think I was as bad as the porn addicts), and I honestly did not want to give up my sin. It had become such a comfort to me that I did not want to face life without it. God steadily broke me and lead me to repentance, including hours of fasting and weeping over the weakness I experienced in the face of my sin. God gave me repentance and great joy in victory over my sin. Though I have fallen twice since beginning the course, God has shown me that sex-chatting is no true comfort, but only a filthy stream that leaves me dehydrated and thirstier than ever. His grace is the true thirst-quenching stream that has made me a better husband, father and minister. He has also produced the fruit of the Spirit in my life. For years, I have been praying for gentleness, kindness and self-control, now I am seeing these for the first time. Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I am free at last."



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